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healthy vegan kidsCan Vegan Kids Thrive?

Yes, vegan kids can be the healthiest kids in the world. BUT there are a few things you need to know.

Of course, we all want our kids to be as healthy and happy as possible. Therefore, we may wonder if a vegan diet can provide everything kids or pregnant mothers need.

The answer is NO (same for adults), but it is easy to remedy.

A whole foods plant based diet has been shown to be the healthiest diet around. It can even increase a child’s IQ, but there is one thing missing that MUST be provided in supplemental form. It is of course vitamin B-12.

VeganSafe B-12 – Vegan Vitamin B12 by Global Healing by GHCHealth is an excellent B-12 supplement and kids like the taste. One dropper-full a week should be plenty, unless you are already severely depleted. Don’t worry about overdosing. It is water soluble and will simply be flushed out of the body if you get more than you need.

  • Pregnant vegan mothers MUST supplement with vitamin B-12
  • Most vegetarian and omnivorous pregnant mothers also need a B-12 supplement
  • All vegan kids NEED a B-12 supplement
  • Most vegetarian and omnivorous kids also need a B-12 supplement

I cannot stress B-12 supplementation enough! 

The results of not following this advice could be the tragic DEATH of your child! Please don’t take chances with your child’s health! –

Other Important Supplements for Children and Pregnant Mothers

Other than B-12, pregnant mothers need a good source of omega 3 fatty acids, ideally from an algae-based source of EPA and DHA like NuTru, Inc., O-Mega-Zen³ + EPA, 40 Vegan Softgels. This is especially important for fetal development. For kids, a few drops of the oil from O-Mega-Zen capsules can be squeezed onto their food in proportion to their size. It is virtually tasteless.

Pregnant mothers and children may also need a vitamin D supplement if they are not getting adequate exposure to sunshine on the skin.

You will find lots more nutritional advice for pregnant mothers here – (aside from promoting soy milk, this website provides excellent information).

Give Your Kids the Best Nutrition in the World

Include these few essential nutrients (all other things being equal), and you can rest assured that your children will thrive on a varied Whole Foods Plant Based diet. Their immune systems will be stronger than those of their omnivorous friends, so they will tend to resist childhood diseases, or have mild forms of them. They won’t become statistics in the childhood obesity, type 2 diabetes, and even heart disease trends that we are now seeing in children, and they won’t be setting themselves up for these diseases as adults.

See Plant Based Nutrition for sources of all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you and your children need for health and vitality.

Remember, growing kids need more fat and a lot more glucose than adults, as well as a few more essential amino acids (beans, seeds, quinoa, and oats are good sources). Don’t worry if they choose to eat mostly sweet fruits, potatoes, nuts, and avocados rather than vegetables. They need more calories for their size than adults. Try different vegetables and salads, raw and cooked.

Try to find at least one of two vegetables that they like. Sneak a few leafy greens into fruit smoothies and they won’t even notice, as long as they are mild flavored greens like lettuce or spinach. See what you can get away with.

Here are some good books on Vegan Whole Food Diets for Plant Based parents:

The Everything Vegan Pregnancy Book: All you need to know for a healthy pregnancy that fits your lifestyle (Everything Series)

Vegan for Life: Everything You Need to Know to Be Healthy and Fit on a Plant-Based Diet

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