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recommended vegan nutritional supplements for a plant-based dietRecommended Vegan Nutritional Supplements

The only vegan nutritional supplements you need, are also important for everyone else. Even meat eaters can be severely deficient in B-12, and DHA and EPA, though they usually get enough zinc. Most people in our modern world need to take probiotics, due to widespread antibiotic use. And nearly everyone can benefit from Hawaiian Spirulina.

I’ve tried many different versions of vegetarian, vegan, and pescatarian diets over 47 years. The only diet that consistently makes me feel better and stronger over time is the diet recommended by Anthony William, The Medical Medium. He has also helped tens of thousands of other people reclaim their health, so I trust his advice.

Six Top Medical Medium Recommended Supplements for Everyone

Here’s a brief [edited] excerpt from Anthony William’s blog post on the six most important supplements he recommends. He calls them “foundational supplements,” which means they are the ones everyone should be taking:

  1. B-12
    An ideal B-12 supplement includes both methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin. [ ] The B-12 supplement I prefer can be found here.
  2. Zinc
    [ ] Avoid the many liquid zinc supplements that are loaded with citric acid, natural flavors, alcohol, and other toxic ingredients. Instead, search for a clean, high-quality liquid ionic zinc like this one.
  3. DHA/EPA
    Rather than taking a fish oil supplement, [ ] opt for a quality plant-based Omega-3 supplement like this one.
  4.  Probiotics
    A non-dairy, time-released probiotic can be a great choice for supplementation. [ ] …a solid probiotic like this capsule or this liquid is the next best choice.
  5. Spirulina
    Hawaiian spirulina can be a better choice than a regular multi-vitamin because it’s so rich in bio-available nutrients. It is also one of the five key ingredients for [clearing] heavy metal poisoning as discussed here
  6. Nettle leaf
    Herbs are loaded with nutrients, minerals, and phytochemicals, and nettle leaf is a particularly indispensable one. [ ] You can take nettle as a teatincture or in capsules.

Read full blog post here –

Here is how much I personally take of these supplements:
  • VeganSafe vitamin B-12 – 1 dropper-full held under the tongue for as long as possible, once or twice a week
  • Hawaiian spirulina – 1 – 2 tsp. per day, or 6 – 12 tablets
  • O-Mega-Zen³ + EPA, by NuTru, Inc. – 1 vegan softgel, a few times a week
  • Nettle tea – whenever I remember
  • Probiotics – 1 or more capsules most days, rotating through different brands
  • Good State Liquid Ionic Zinc Ultra Concentrate – 10 drops once or twice a week
When Fighting Viruses or Bacterial Infections 

If you are fighting off a virus or bacterial infection, you may also want to include these immune boosting vegan nutritional supplements:

  • Vitamin-C – 500 mg. every 30 minutes until feeling better or you get loose stools – for any immune or inflammation issue [Ester-C, sodium ascorbate, Liposomal vitamin C, or magnesium ascorbate]
  • Good State Liquid Ionic Zinc Ultra Concentrate -1 dropper full in a glass of water (first day only). Then 10 drops per day.
  • vitamin D-3 – if you live north of the San Francisco, CA latitude in the northern hemisphere it is recommended to take 10,000 – 20,000 I.U.s per week (or you can divide dose to take daily) – probably not necessary if you spend plenty of time with your skin exposed to the sun south of San Francisco. Take with equal units vitamin A, plus 75 mcg. vitamin K-2
  • olive leaf extract capsules, or non-alcohol olive leaf tincture
  • herbal teas – thyme, oregano, ginger, garlic, lemon balm – individually or mixed to your taste
  • If you are specifically dealing with Lyme disease or similar symptoms, I highly recommend Samento (usually available on – made from the Cat’s Claw herb.
  • Sovereign Silver®

For a more detailed list of nutrients and where you can find them in foods, go to Essential Plant-Based Nutrition.

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