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Hello and Welcome,

I’m Bernadette Wulf, the Plant-Based Vegan Health Coach. I have been experimenting with Vegetarian and Vegan diets for over 45 years, always looking for the ideal balance of health, compassion, and environmental responsibility.

I made a lot of mistakes along the way, but after decades of (often confusing) research and study, I finally feel like I have found the answers I was looking for. If I can help you avoid making the same mistakes I made, I will feel like I’ve done something positive for the world.

When I first became vegetarian as a teenager back in the 1960s, I didn’t know anyone else who was vegetarian. I just knew I didn’t want to eat animals, because they were my friends. My parents and others were concerned about my health, since they had accepted the common belief that you need animal products to stay healthy. Little did they know that the diseases they ultimately died from could probably have been prevented if they had adopted a vegan lifestyle. Unfortunately, I learned about the scientific evidence too late to help them, but I’m here to help you.

Whether you contact me or not, I thank you for visiting my website. I hope you learned something that will help you choose and maintain a healthy plant-based diet, for your own health, the health of our planet, and the welfare of millions of animals.

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As you can see below, I have several other websites about my other interests. I am a visionary artist, Reiki Master, EFT practitioner, and Celtic shamanic teacher, as well as a “plant-based health nut.” I invite you to take a look around.

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