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Hello and Welcome,

I am the Plant Based Vegan Coach, Bernadette Wulf. I have been experimenting with Vegetarian and Vegan diets for nearly five decades, always looking for the ideal balance of health, compassion, and environmental responsibility.

Though I made a lot of mistakes along the way, after decades of (often confusing) research and study, I finally feel like I have found the answers I was looking for and information sources I can trust. If I can help you avoid making the same mistakes I made, I will feel like I’ve done something positive for the world.

Not a Fanatic

Full disclosure, I wouldn’t be considered a vegan by some strict definitions. I do eat raw honey, and I wear wool occasionally. I even have some leather shoes from before I became vegan. I’m not going to throw them away, just because I wouldn’t buy them now.

I look for honey from ethical bee keepers and wool from local spinners and knitters who raise their own animals with kindness. It’s a lot more expensive that way, but I choose to support humane and sustainable farming.

I might even let a little fish slip into a meal once in a blue moon if I’m away from home and healthy options are limited. At home, I don’t have any animal products at all, except in my dog’s food – unless you call honey an animal product.

When I first became vegetarian as a teenager back in 1970, I didn’t know anyone else who was vegetarian. I just knew I didn’t want to eat animals, because they were my friends. I never missed eating meat at all. Unfortunately, I continued to eat dairy and eggs for many years. Nutrition “experts” had convinced me they were essential for health.

Of course, my parents (and others) expressed concern about my diet. Little did they know that the diseases they ultimately died from could have been prevented if they had adopted a whole foods vegan lifestyle. Sadly, I learned about the scientific evidence too late to help them, but I’m here to help you.

Health Challenges

I started out in life with lots of respiratory issues and other mystery symptoms. They continued plague me for half a century. A few years ago, I discovered (thanks to Anthony William, the Medical Medium) that my health issues were caused by viruses. The good news is that viruses can be controlled with a whole foods plant based diet and heavy metal detox. I am still in the process of improving my health, but I see constant progress in the right direction.

Special Interests & Media Lies

It makes me angry that special interests, like the meat and dairy industry, are STILL promoting fake science. They are telling you lies, like:

  • eggs won’t raise your cholesterol – FALSE (unless you are already eating lots of cholesterol)
  • a high fat diet is good for you – FALSE
  • long-term ketosis is healthy – FALSE
  • dairy is good for your bones – FALSE
These lies can kill you!

Whenever you see media reports promoting meat, dairy, and eggs, look at who paid for the studies. Look at how the studies were created to skew the evidence, and who stands to profit. Then check what Dr. Greger has to say on the subject, based on well-conducted studies. Good science does not support consumption of animal products.

Okay, I’ll get off my soap box. But I’m an empath. I FEEL the pain and confusion of people around me. So maybe it’s a little bit selfish of me to want you to feel the best you can. It’s a good kind of selfish, though. It’s like caring about how my foot feels when I bump my toe.

We are all connected, so let’s work together to create vibrant health for all, eliminate animal suffering, and relieve our planet of factory farm toxins.

Thank you for visiting my website.

I hope you learned something that will help you choose and maintain a healthy plant-based diet, for your own health, the health of our planet, and the welfare of millions of animals.

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